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Cork & Jug Country Jam Transportation
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Saturday, May 25th, 2024

Cork & Jug Country Jam at Paso Robles Event Center

Paso Robles, CA

Show: 2:00PM

SLO Safe Ride is the official transportation of the Cork & Jug Country Jam. If you are looking for tickets & transportation to the concert, you can purchase both at the button below. If you already have tickets to the concert and are looking for transportation, you can purchase tickets only for transportation at the button below. Take advantage of safe and reliable transportation so you can enjoy the show without the stress of driving and fighting to find parking.

Pick up: 1:00 PM at the SLO Veteran's Hall located at 801 Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 

Departing from Paso Robles Event Center at 10:30 PM

WELCOME to the epitome of California's vibrant country culture in PASO ROBLES, where the essence of the Golden State meets the soulful SOUND of country GOLD. This festival seamlessly blends the rich heritage of country music with the laid-back, sun-soaked atmosphere of vintage California on MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND.

Aside from the artists on stage, central to the experience is the celebration of flavors that define the region. Indulge in a concert of tastes as the festival spotlights the art of BBQ, inviting attendees to savor mouthwatering smoked meats and delights that reflect the culinary prowess of the region. Complementing the smoky bites are the finest local wines and spirits; elevating the festival experience to a sensory journey through California's renowned vineyards and distilleries.

As the sun sets and the party starts, festival-goers find themselves immersed in a unique fusion of California's country spirit. From the foothills to the coastline, the festival captures the essence of the state's diverse landscapes, creating a harmonious blend of music, culinary delights, and the unmistakable warmth of CALIFORNIA HOSPITALITY. This is more than just a music festival; it's a cultural celebration where country tunes, delectable flavors, and the CORK, JUG and SIX STRING all come together for an unforgettable weekend!


MIDLAND and TANYA TUCKER are to headline with THE WHITE BUFFALO, STEPHEN WILSON JR., JADE JACKSON and JOE & MARTINA all keeping the vineyards and rolling hills rocking all day at the Paso Robles Event Center!

Private Transportation Packages

If you're looking for a more intimate way to get to the event. Choose from one of the comfortable vehicles below and enjoy a private charter to and from the fairgrounds!

Chrysler 300c Luxury Sedan
  • 1 to 4 Passengers

  • Black Napa leather

  • Rear-heated seats

  • USB outlets for each seat

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • Panoramic sunroof

  • Tinted privacy glass

Mercedes Sprinter LandJet
  • 1 to 8 Passengers

  • La-Z-Boy Leather Recliners

  • Onboard WiFi

  • Bluetooth Audio System

  • Temperature-Controlled Wine Storage

  • 2 Mini Fridges

  • Dual TVs

  • Phone Chargers

Mini Party Bus
  • Seats up to 11 passengers

  • Limousine style seating

  • AM/FM Radio and CD Player

  • Bluetooth stereo system

  • AUX chord

  • USB charging ports

  • Front and rear A/C

Ford Van
  • Comfortably seat 10 passengers (up to 14 max)

  • CD Player / Stereo

  • AM/FM Radio

  • iPhone/Android auxiliary hookup

  • USB charging ports

  • Rear A/C

Charter Bus
  • Comfortably seat 25 passengers

  • Overhead storage

  • CD Player / Stereo

  • AM/FM Radio

  • iPhone/Android auxiliary hookup

  • Rear A/C

  • TV with HDMI input (in select vehicles)

  • PA System (in select vehicles)

Limousine Bus
  • 12 to 24 Passengers

  • Onboard Wet Bar

  • Premium Sound System With 12-Inch Subwoofers

  • Bluetooth Audio System

  • Power & USB Outlets

  • Light System With Fiber Optics

  • 4 TVs

  • Back-Compartment Storage


Q: Can I bring my own snacks and drinks?
A: Of course, you can! There's no additional charge or restriction on bringing your own food and drinks on board.

Q: Can I add an additional stop? Maybe swing by a winery or a restaurant before or after the fair?  

A: You most definitely can.  Feel free to let us know if you'd like to visit other locations, please note that there is an hourly and mileage fee dependent on each vehicle, so the cost of transportation will change based on that.

Q: Can I play my own music?

A: Feel free to rock out to your own playlist to your heart's content! The majority of our vehicles will come with either cords to connect your device or with Bluetooth.

Request A Transportation Quote For The Festival

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