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6 Local Stops To Help You Stay Healthy & Happy

On the hunt for local stops in San Luis Obispo to help you lead a happy and healthy lifestyle? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re just jumping on the healthy and happy track or just getting started, there are some incredible small businesses in our backyard that can help you! From small personalized gyms to scrumptious, healthy food, our San Luis Obispo neighbors have you covered.

Healthy Options For Foodies

First up, one for the foodies! The local businesses below are not healthy but are absolutely scrumptious. With a wide variety, you’ll never get bored with the food.

Located In: Arroyo Grande Looking for fresh and regular produce for your meals? Look no further than Talley Farms! Enjoy vegetables and fruit straight from local farms to your home. The best part? They’ll deliver year-round, ensuring your supply of the tastiest and freshest produce never runs out! You’ll even find that your Talley Farms box comes with recipe ideas for some great meal inspiration.

Tally Farm boxes come in two sizes, the Original and Junior and you can switch between the two. The Original Box is suggested weekly for a family of 2-5 people, depending on how much produce you eat and how often you eat at home. Their Original box contains an assortment of 9-12 different fruits & vegetables: 2-3 dinner vegetables, 2-3 sweet-tasting fruits, and an assortment of fresh salad ingredients. Then, their Junior box contains 5-8 different fruits and vegetables and is suggested for an individual or couple.

Get Started: Phone: (805) 489-5401


Located In: Gyms Across The Central Coast Running out of time or energy to make healthy, delicious meals? Our friends at Clean Machine Meals have your backs. They’re a local meal prep service. Their food is 100% gluten/soy/dairy/refined sugar-free! Every week they create three new entrees – giving you a tasty variety.

You can pick up your meals at gyms and other locations from Paso Robles to Santa Maria. (Click here for a full list of pick-up locations.) All food comes fully cooked and ready to eat! Just heat it beforehand in your microwave or oven. These meals are also vacuum sealed ensuring they last as long as possible. On average they’re good in your fridge for 10 days, and then you may want to toss them in your freezer if you still haven’t eaten them.

Get Started: Email: Phone: (209) 484-7286


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