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Tin City Delights

With over 30 wineries, breweries, cideries, and distilleries in Tin City, it’s an all-day Paso Robles adventure! You know what that means. An all-day tasting extravaganza calls for some serious fuel, aka food stops. Keep reading for an easy guide for foodies to the restaurants and eateries in Tin City.


1. For Everyone, Even Kids!

First, you can cool yourself down with some delicious scoops of ice cream at Negranti Creamery. Here, you will be sure to make your mouth happy, whether it be on a warm day or cool one.

Next up, is Proof & Gather Baking Company, a perfect place to sink your teeth into some home baked delight. From weekly staples to seasonal specials, you’ll find a baked good for every occasion at Proof & Gather.

Finally, and certainly, not last, is Sticky USA. That’s right, the name speaks for itself. These guys have a true passion for candy, and you can find all sorts of treats to satisfy your sweet tooth at Sticky!

These are perfect stops for families or larger groups.

Open: Daily | 11:30 AM – 6:00 PM Phone Number: (805) 369-2787 For websites, click on photos


2. One-Of-A-Kind Dining Experience

Looking for a once-in-a-lifetime intimate dining experience while you’re exploring Tin City? Then the Six Test Kitchen is the restaurant for you! Enjoy a 12-course tasting menu that changes throughout each season, ensuring you only have the freshest of meals. Bite into Kampachi, Chicken Liver, Duck, Artic Char, Mushroom, and more. If you want to continue your wine journey here, they offer wine pairings that will leave you wanting more!

This stop is perfect for those looking for an elevated dining experience.

Open: By Appointment

For website & reservations, click on on photo


3. Casual Good Eats

Here at Tin City, a couple of the tasting rooms usually invite a food truck or two over on the weekends. There’s plenty of great bites to try when they’re visiting! Below are a couple of places you can find food trucks.

  • Tin City Cider: Occasional food truck on Fridays and the weekends, usually partners with the food truck Hungry Mother.

  • BarrelHouse Brewing Company: Daily food is provided by DeBilz & Family Mobile Kitchen.

This stop is perfect for Sunday brunch or weekend nights!

Tin City Cider Open: Daily | 11 AM – 8:00 PM Phone Number: (805) 293-6349 For website, click here

BarrelHouse Brewing Company Open: Daily | 11 AM – 9:00 PM Phone Number: (805) 296-1128 For website, click here

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